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Dowry is a social evil withinside the society, that has brought on inconceivable tortures and crimes toward girls. In India, the fee of a dowry become prohibited in 1961 beneath Neath Indian civil regulation and finally through Sections 304B and 498a of the Indian Penal Code have been enacted to make it less complicated for the spouse to are trying to find redress from capacity harassment through the husband’s family.

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As we all know, dowry is prohibited in India under the act of IPC section 498 (A). Under this act, giving and abetting dowry is a punishable offense and can even cost you a fine and sentence to jail. Going through such a situation is not an easy task however, if you want to file a case against your husband and your in-laws, the process can be made easy with the guidance of our Dowry Cases Lawyer in Delhi who are experts in handling any kind of dowry cases.

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